Online Training:

online training

QATrainingVideo online training courses offer many benefits that a traditional classroom set-up can’t match.

We give you the ability to learn from your own desk at your own pace and availability, lower cost, and no significant time away from the office.Yet you’ll receive the same superior instruction as you would in on-site course.

Join our online courses and see the difference yourself !

All courses have been designed to cater the needs of both entry level and experienced testers.

Corparate Training :

QATrainingVideo offers advantage of the cost-effective convenience of on-site / online corporate training and you can get your team the corporate training they need without requiring them to sacrifice project schedules.

QATrainingVideo has a proven team of experienced industry consultants to help client ramp up their testing team in no time.

Corporate Training at QATrainingVideo provides in depth knowledge.

Video Training :

As we know taking regular sessions will be a challenging these days due to time. QATrainingVideo offers the Offline Video Training bundles to get Trained on your convenient Time.

Project support / Job support / Assignment help / Interview support:

project Support

Minimize your project risks through our help.

It is very often that at workplace employee wants to get technical support and fails to receive it in-time due to several constraints; when things do not fall in-place to accomplish the tasks in-time.

When we come to your mind & provide support to team of working professionals or individuals at work.

We extend our support at any level, any QA / Java technology, any domain – in short to say – will provide support in any phase of life cycle at any point and help you complete them on-time. If need arises, also can provide the support by handling part of the project, completing it & handing-over in-time.

Our expert will be availability 24 X 7.