Java Programming Language – Core

Week # 1
Day Agenda Notes
Monday Introductions, Java language fundamentals, Environment Setup Instructions This week’s objective is to get familiarized with Java programming language and learn building blocks of Java

Keywords Learned this week: class, static, int, float, double, byte, boolean, short, long, char,  if, else, while, abstract, break, case, catch, continue, default, do, while, enum, extends, for, implements, import, new, super, switch

Tuesday Environment Setup
Wednesday Basics: Class, Object, Members, Memory Management, Garbage collection.
Thursday Assignment  (Home Work)
Friday Assignment  (Home Work)
Saturday Operators and Assignments, Primitives, Converting and Casting, Flow Control
Sunday Object Oriented Programming Language, Inheritance, Polymorphism
Week # 2
Day Agenda Notes
Monday Assignment (Home Work) This week’s focus is to continue learning core features of Java and start learning Java API.


Keywords Learned this week: public, private, protected, static, final, throw, throws, finally, catch, try, instanceof, return, this, throw, throws, void

Tuesday Methods, Modifiers
Wednesday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Thursday java.lang package, The String class
Friday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Saturday Input/Output Fundamentals,, java.nio.
Sunday Exception handling
Week # 3
Day Agenda Notes
Monday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment This week advances to learning new features of Java since version 1.5 and start learning some of the advanced concepts like serialization, JDBC and Multithreading.


Keywords Learned this week: synchronized, transient, volatile

Tuesday Generics, Annotations, Autoboxing, Enumerations.
Wednesday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Thursday Serialization, Multithreading
Friday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Saturday Data Structures Basics, Java Collections framework, Utility classes
Sunday Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
Week # 4
Day Agenda Notes
Monday Networking Basics, Java Networking API This week, we conclude the course after learning more advanced concepts like Networking, XML and Design patterns.
Tuesday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Wednesday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Thursday Reflection, Introspection, XML concepts, XML parsing in Java
Friday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Saturday Java Design Patterns
Sunday Java Documentation, Class ending notes.

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