Enterprise Java Programming

Week # 1
Day Agenda Notes
Monday Introductions, Tier architecture, Introduction to distributed and enterprise systems, Database Fundamentals, Introduction to Eclipse. This week’s objective is to learn basics for enterprise systems and answer some of the basic questions.

1.      How client and servers communicate.

2.      How Servers maintain state for clients

3.      How to dynamically render content on browser.


Tuesday Environment Setup
Wednesday Introduction to HTTP, Introduction to HTML, Introduction to Servlets
Thursday Assignment  (Home Work)
Friday Assignment  (Home Work)
Saturday Servlets, JDBC
Sunday JSP, Design Patterns
Week # 2
Day Agenda Notes
Monday Assignment (Home Work) This week’s focus is to learn popular framework – Spring.


Tuesday end to end 3-Tier Application example
Wednesday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Thursday Spring framework Introduction, Dependency Injection – XML, Java, Annotation, Lifecycle.
Friday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Saturday Spring MVC
Sunday Continue Spring MVC
Week # 3
Day Agenda Notes
Monday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment This week we find depths of Spring framework and learn to implement authentication and authorization using Spring security. We will also learn popular persistence framework – Hibernate.


Tuesday Spring AOP, Spring JDBC
Wednesday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Thursday Enterprise Application using Spring.
Friday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Saturday Spring Security, Introduction to Hibernate Framework
Sunday Hibernate
Week # 4
Day Agenda Notes
Monday Spring – Hibernate integration, This week, team learns Spring – Hibernate framework integration, Creating RESTful services using Spring framework, learn basics of Jquery Javascript framework. We conclude the session by completing a end-to end example.
Tuesday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Wednesday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Thursday Restful Web services using Spring
Friday Concepts Brush-up/Assignment
Saturday JQuery JavaScript framework Introduction
Sunday End to End example, Class ending notes.

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