1: Introduction to Appium


2: Basic Installation – Windows OS


  • Installing Java & configuring enviornment variables
  • Installing Maven
  • Installing the Maven Eclipse Plugin
  • Adding Appium Dependencies
  • POM.xml
  • Download Appium Jars
  • Download SDK kit for Android (Older version)
  • Download Older version of android eclipse
  • Installing the New SDK Tool Kit for Android
  • Installing the Eclipse ADT Plugin
  • Appium installation on Windows OS

3:Basic Installation – MAC OSX

4: Appium – Get started with basic installation

5: Starting and Stopping Appium server from Code

6: Appium Android – Identifying Mobile Elements

7: Appium Android – Testing Android Native Apps on Windows

8: Appium Android- TouchActions and Events – Handling user gestures

9: Appium Android – Testing Android Native Apps on MAC

10: Appium Android – Testing Chrome Browser on MAC & Windows

11: Appium Android – Testing Android Hybrid Apps

12: Appium IOS- Testing on Real IPhone Device

13: Apple IOS UI Automation Framework

14: Appium – Locating Elements on a WebPage

15: Appium IOS- Testing IOS WebApp on Safari browser – MAC

16: Safari browser on a Real IOS Device

17: Appium Mobile Grid

Appium Interview Questions

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